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Operational fleets are under continuous pressure to reduce operating costs. Tires play a key role in this regard: they represent a considerable direct cost and, moreover, influence related costs such as vehicle availability, fuel consumption, management and administration. Our solution is ideal and offers you:

1. A flexible customer-centric approach, which guarantees a tailor-made solution to meet your specific needs

2. Savings on the tire budget with increased cost-effectiveness, thanks to greater vehicle availability, time savings in terms of management, reduction in administrative costs, etc.

3. Without forgetting more serenity / peace of mind.

Our technicians are trained to quickly list your fleet of vehicles and the tires used by each of them. They can advise you on a tire more suited to your needs and on the right pressures. They check the pressures, the depths of gum remaining, the irregular wear and the quality of your rims. They check the presence of valve caps, valve extensions and fixing brackets. They help you preserve the life of your tires by providing advice on rotations and recommendations on the probable causes of irregular wear. They can provide you with suitable marking tools.

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